Where are you located?

I am currently tattooing from my new shop Temperance Tattoo located at 236 Leavenworth St in San Francisco.
Recommended flat-rate parking garages can be found at 333 Jones St and 265 Eddy St.

How old do i have to be?

In the state of California, you need to be 18 years or older with a valid picture ID, no exceptions

What is the design process?

Every tattoo I design is curated uniquely for every client. Your ideas and concept are important and together we can work towards an idea that can fundamentally and creatively be translated into a quality tattoo. We will first meet for a consultation to discuss the concept together, and then will schedule time in order to review the designed drawing before your tattooing session.

What should i expect during a consultation?

Your consultation is a time where we can discuss in-person your ideas for your new tattoo. Together we can discuss style, placement, size, and execution of your design. It is encouraged that you provide any reference photos for your ideas, in an email format, so they may be added to your design file. 
In order to book an appointment after your consultation, a deposit will be required

how does the deposit work?

A deposit is used to reserve your tattoo appointment. Deposits are an important part of the design process and enable me to dedicate time towards your drawing. This deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from the full-price of your last tattoo session.
As part of deposit policy, you may forfeit your deposit if: you reschedule your appointment more than twice, are in excess of an hour late to your given appointment, or fail to reschedule 48-hours prior to your appointment.
Normal deposits are $200/tattoo, however this number may vary according to size and complexity of the work.

How do i prepare for my tattoo session?

Be sure to eat a hearty meal at least 2-3 hours before your appointment to maintain a healthy blood-sugar level. Refrain from excessive drinking the night before your session. You're more than welcome to bring snacks, a change of clothes, a book, meals, or anything else that will keep you feeling comfortable during your appointment.

How Should I take care of my new tattoo?

After leaving your session, keep the bandage wrapped for at least four hours (no more than twelve hours) and do not re-bandage. Once you remove your bandage, wash your tattoo with clean hands and a non-abrasive/non-scented soap. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Let dry for 24 hours and then apply a thin layer of coconut oil or unscented lotion (ex. Aveeno). Apply lotion once a day for two weeks or until tattoo has scabbed and peeled fully (do not over apply!). Remember this an open wound, so avoid soaking tattoo in water for extended periods of time as this may breed bacteria as well as keep from excessive exposure to sunlight. Clean tattoo daily. 
Remember, scabbing is normal part of the healing process. Resist the urge to scratch at scabs as it can scar and distract from your new work.
You can safely return to any extraneous physical activities such as weight lifting, yoga, etc. after about a week.

Do you offer touch-ups?

I currently offer touch-ups one year from your original tattoo date. This session is free and does not include any additional work.


I am currently only booking half and full day flat-rate sessions. Full day sessions are 7 hours at $2000, half day sessions are 4-hours and $1000. Additional hourly work is charged at $300/hour. We accept cash as well as debit/credit.

What about tips?

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. Gratuity for an experience that was positive certainly can be shown monetarily, but doesn't have to be. I love when clients bring my staff or I trinkets, cards, art, or anything else that tells us more about your experience with us.